NOTE: This project is < 1.0.0 and is not considered stable yet

A command line tool that provides Dart 1 and Dart 2 compatible build and serve commands to ease the transition to Dart 2.

This tool is intended to be used as a transition tool when moving from Dart 1 to Dart 2. Since the pub serve and pub build commands are not present in Dart 2, you can use dart_build to run the same command under both versions of Dart, thus easing the transition to Dart 2. With dart_build you don't need to modify your pubspec.yaml to add build_runner and build_web_compilers to be able to build under Dart 2. Those dependencies are included by adding a dependency on dart_build.


Add dart_build as a dev_dependency to your pubspec.yaml. When pub get solves you'll either the #.#.#+dart1 or the #.#.#+dart2 version depending on if you run the pub get command under Dart 1 or Dart 2.

  dart_build: ^0.1.0


To run a build or serve simply swap out pub with pub run dart_build in your usual commands. All of the command line options and arguments are passed along, so all supported options of pub serve or build_runner should be supported. For local use, adding an alias is recommended so you don't need to type such a long command.

alias db='pub run dart_build'


pub run dart_build serve
pub run dart_build build

or with the alias set up:

db serve
db build