Getting Started

This's a package of icons. That help to use Line Awesome Icons (https://icons8.com/line-awesome/) in Flutter Project.
For personal using, so there're many icons missing. Thanks.
If you wanna use more icons, please send an email to blackblack9195@gmail.com with content like this:
static const IconData icon_name = const IconDataMaker(icon_code);
icon_name, icon_code get from https://icons8.com/line-awesome/
icon_name with text format only, and '_' can be used.
icon_code template: 0xffff
Ex: static const IconData city = const IconDataMaker(0xf64f);

Supported icon:
city bookmark home search user angle_left star circle bed utensils shopping_bag binoculars share_square map_marked_alt envelope phone globe_africa facebook_square instagram angle_down angle_up filter cancel heart coffee newspaper store caret_down cocktail cookie cookie_bite tools clock bell award file_alt book wallet percentage pepper_hot hamburger pizza_slice cheese lemon glass_cheers gifts dolly shipping_fast route plus mortar_pestle shopping_cart shopping_basket

How to use?
Using as a IconData.