Flutter Custom Inspector

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A customizable inspector that can called directly through Flutter apps.

Getting Started

Wrap the InspectorWrapper to your WidgetsApp (e.g. MaterialApp or CupertinoApp), then start your customization!


selectButtonBuilderInspectorSelectButtonBuilderBuild the select button to toggle selection.(See source code.)
tooltipBuilderString Function(Element element)The content that shows upon the selected element.Element.toShortString
tooltipBackgroundColorColorThe background color for the tooltip.Color.fromARGB(230, 60, 60, 60)
tooltipStyleTextStyleThe text style for the tooltip.(See source code.)
maxTooltipLinesintThe max lines limit for tooltips.5
highlightedRenderObjectFillColorColorThe color that covers the selected object.Color.fromARGB(128, 128, 128, 255)
highlightedRenderObjectBorderColorColorThe border color that rounds the selected object.Color.fromARGB(128, 64, 64, 128)