Customizable Flutter Cupertino Date TextBox

This is a customizable flutter Cupertino text box which can be used to select a date with CupertinoDatePicker.

This library provides you with the following:

  • Text Box / Text Field with multiple features to customize its style (e.g. Dimensions, Style, Icon, etc.)
  • Date callback can be used to get result date value


Provide the two required parameters of CustomizableCupertinoDateTextBox and you're good to go, e.g.:

    hintText: 'Hint Text')

Parameters documentation

The Documentation of all Parameters can be found here: Documentation

Usage Example

Here you can find the usage example: Demo-App

Bugs & Future Requests

If you run into problems, feel free to open an issue.<br/>That library is missing a feature? please create an issue on Github and I'll take a look at it. <br/>Pull request are always welcome.

License: MIT