Custom Card Grid View

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Flutter package to Easy Implimaintaion of custom card grid view also provide animated, 🥰 Attractive, 🎨stylish custom card view.

1.Custom Card View.


Custom_Cardgridview library is built upon Flutter Custom Card Material Design library. This API will be useful to create rich, animated, beautiful Custom Card in Flutter easily.

1.Card _GridLayout 2. OTP Validation
This is Main window where you want to add Custom card_Grid View AS you can see Below. This is Detais window after click on Custom card as you can see below.

Create Custom Card_GridView Instance

Custom Card_GridView are instantiated as follows.

i. Custom Card_GridView -

CustomCard class is used to create Custom Card_GridView . Its dynamic state class is used to instantiate it.

 body: GridCard(cardLayout:
          imgPath: "assets/red.png",
          name: "oppo",
          price: "12345",
          isFavorite: false,
          added: false,
          imgPath: "assets/real.png",
          name: "realme",
          price: "12345",
          isFavorite: false,
          added: false,
            //On tap on card Redirect To