CSV Reader

A Library for reading CSV Files through file URLs or raw-text urls

Getting started

CSV Reader makes reading CSV easier

Suppose we have a 6 rows x 5 columns CSV File

The default delimiter is a comma "," but you can change it.
Title parameter says: Does my file has a title? yes = true

var myCSV = CSV.from(url :'URL_TO_FILE_OR_RAW_TEXT', delimiter: ",", title:true );
await myCSV.initFinished; // if you want to await
print(myCSV.columnCount); // prints 5
print(myCSV.rowCount); // prints 6

// prints "6x5", sometimes it shows without a title if you specified title:true
// this excludes the row of the title which is the first row of the csv file

Getting data

print(myCSVcolumn); // This is basically it
this prints the intersection of a row with a column which is basically a cell, so the first cell is myCSV0

If you want to add a new functionality

Extend the CSV class & add it directly or ask for it & it will be added.