Flutter preferences management with crypto capabilities

For now preferences are not crypted, I'm waiting for FFI to land :)

But you can still use this package to have multiple preferences files in Desktop, mobile and web.


final preferences = await Preferences.preferences({path: 'pathToPrefs'});

await preferences.setBool('boolKey', false);


Get and set preference:

Getter have an optional param defaultValue if the preference if not set.

dynamic get(key) bool getBool(key) Future setBool(key, value) int getInt(key) Future setInt(key, value) double getDouble(key) Future setDouble(key, value) String getString(key) Future setString(key, value) List getStringList(key) Future setStringList(key, value)

Custom object save as preferences

You can use save custom object using the mixin WithPreferencesSerializable on your class, it will serialize your object into a map to save it.

Retrieve an object from a preference key: WithPreferencesSerializable getPreferencesSerializable(String key, WithPreferencesSerializable Function(Map<String, Object>))

Retrieve an object from a preference file WithPreferencesSerializable getPreferences(String key, WithPreferencesSerializable Function(Map<String, Object>))

Remove preference:

Future remove(key)

Clear all preference:

Future clear()