This package contains methods that make it easy to consume Co-op Bank Pesalink Api. It's multi-platform, and supports CLI, server, mobile, desktop, and the browser.


Create an instance of CoopPesalink, then use its methods to consume the Api

import 'package:coopbank_pesalink/coopbank_pesalink.dart';

void main() async {
  String accessToken() {
    return 'your token';

  var coopPesalink = CoopPesalink(baseAccountNo: '36001873000'); 

  // pesalink
  BankReponse bankReponse = await coopPesalink.pesaLink(
    referenceNumber: 'bcsjsgcjscjbsdjbvdvjrdfi', 
    accountNumber: '{accountNumber}', 
    bankCode: '{bankCode}', 
    amount: 50, 
    callBackUrl: '{callBackUrl}', 
    transactionDescription: '{transactionDescription}', 
    accessToken: accessToken()


  // fetch latest 10 transactions
  BankReponse bankReponseTransactions = await coopPesalink.trancations(
    referenceNumber: 'bcsjsgcjscjbsdjbvdvjrdfi', 
    noOfTransactions: 10, 
    accessToken: accessToken()

  print(bankReponseTransactions.rawResponceBody); // print the whole response body
  print(bankReponseTransactions.transactions); // print the the lis of transactions [List<BankTransactionModel>]

The API response has a message code that represent the status of the request; bankReponse.messageCode or [messageCode.rawResponceBody'MessageCode']

0Full Success
1Partial Success
2Full Failure
-1Dublicate message reference
-2Invalid/Missing parameter
-3The amount must be positive
-4Request timed out
-5Debit and Credit(s) amount not balancing
-6Amount Less/Greater than Minimum/Maximum limit allowed or Date format
-8Account authorization failure
-9Currency invalid/not allowed
-10Bank code invalid/not pesalink memberbank
-11Message reference longer than allowed length
-12Dublicate/Identical reference
-13Message reference does not exist
-15Invalid account number
-16Daily limi exhausted