Flutter context provider to provide state with reducer combined as map of type and the reducer.
along with the useSelector hook and useDispatch hook


this package contains of

  - ContextProvider Widget
  - useSelector function
  - useDispatch function
  - Reducer abstract class

ContextProvider widget

Use it with following prop
Map<Type extends Reducer, Reducer> reducer and Widget child\

  ContextProvider(reducer: myReducer, child: MyWidget());

the Type is implemented class from Reducer abstract class provided.

useSelector function

Use this inside your widget to get the reducer/state data from the state.

final T myState = useSelector<T extends Reducer>(context)

where T is implementation of the Reducer abstract class.

You can pass another parameter if you decide to listen to the state changes.

final T myState = useSelector<T extends Reducer>(context, listen: false)

it's true by default.

useDispatch function

final Function dispatch = useDispatch(context);

which dispatch function takes arguments of Map<String, dynamic> that had type key in the action.

you can pass another parameter if you want to listen to changes.

final Function dispatch = useDispatch(context, listen: true);

it's false by default.

Reducer abstract class

Here's where you implement the state shape/what the state holds in the instance of the reducer.\

Full reducer example

import 'package:context_provider/context_provider.dart';

class ProductReducer extends Reducer {
  Map<int, Map<String, dynamic>> _product = {};

  get product => this._product;

  void dispatch(Map<String, dynamic> action) async {
    switch (action["type"]) {
      case SOME_ACTION:
        //  do something here
        super.notifyListeners();  // notify widgets that listens to this reducer state
      case INIT:
        // do something else here

You want to @override the dispatch method inside the class and implement your own reducer to handle actions that'll be handled by the reducer instance.

void dispatch(Map<String, dynamic> action) async {
  switch (action["type"]) {
    case "DO_SOMETHING":
    // do something with this

methods that were available from this class is following\

  - notifyListeners 

Which notifyListeners is used whenever you want to notify the consumer of your state to re-render.