NetworkManagerState class

Values that indicate the current overall network state.


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Static Methods

valueOf(int value) NetworkManagerState


asleep → const NetworkManagerState
Networking is not enabled, the system is being suspended or resumed from suspend.
NetworkManagerState._(1, 10)
connectedGlobal → const NetworkManagerState
There is global IPv4 and/or IPv6 Internet connectivity This means the Internet connectivity check succeeded, the graphical shell should indicate full network connectivity.
NetworkManagerState._(7, 70)
connectedLocal → const NetworkManagerState
There is only local IPv4 and/or IPv6 connectivity, but no default route to access the Internet. The graphical shell should indicate no network connectivity.
NetworkManagerState._(5, 50)
connectedSite → const NetworkManagerState
There is only site-wide IPv4 and/or IPv6 connectivity. This means a default route is available, but the Internet connectivity check did not succeed. The graphical shell should indicate limited network connectivity.
NetworkManagerState._(6, 60)
connecting → const NetworkManagerState
A network connection is being started The graphical shell should indicate the network is being connected while the applications should still make no attempts to connect the network.
NetworkManagerState._(4, 40)
disconnected → const NetworkManagerState
There is no active network connection. The graphical shell should indicate no network connectivity and the applications should not attempt to access the network.
NetworkManagerState._(2, 20)
disconnecting → const NetworkManagerState
Network connections are being cleaned up. The applications should tear down their network sessions.
NetworkManagerState._(3, 30)
unknown → const NetworkManagerState
Networking state is unknown. [...]
NetworkManagerState._(0, 0)
values → const List<NetworkManagerState>
<NetworkManagerState>[unknown, asleep, disconnected, disconnecting, connecting, connectedLocal, connectedSite, connectedGlobal]