notLike method Null safety

QueryExpressionJunction<T, InstanceType> notLike(
  1. String value,
  2. {bool caseSensitive = true}

Adds a 'not like' expression to a query.

A query will only return objects where the selected property is not like value.

For more documentation on postgres pattern matching, see

This method can be used on String types.

The flag caseSensitive controls whether strings are compared case-sensitively.


  final query = new Query<Employee>()
    ..where((e) =>;


QueryExpressionJunction<T, InstanceType> notLike(String value,
    {bool caseSensitive = true}) {
  expression = StringExpression(value, PredicateStringOperator.equals,
      caseSensitive: caseSensitive,
      invertOperator: true,
      allowSpecialCharacters: true);

  return _createJunction();