greaterThanEqualTo method Null safety

QueryExpressionJunction<T, InstanceType> greaterThanEqualTo(
  1. T value

Adds a 'greater than or equal to' expression to a query.

A query will only return objects where the selected property is greater than value.

This method can be used on int, String, double and DateTime types. For DateTime properties, this method selects rows where the assigned property is 'later than or the same time as' value. For String properties, rows are selected if the value is alphabetically 'after or the same as' value. Example:

  var query = new Query<Employee>()
    ..where((e) => e.salary).greaterThanEqualTo(60000);


QueryExpressionJunction<T, InstanceType> greaterThanEqualTo(T value) {
  expression =
      ComparisonExpression(value, PredicateOperator.greaterThanEqualTo);

  return _createJunction();