validate<T> method Null safety

FutureOr<Authorization>? validate<T>(
  1. AuthorizationParser<T> parser,
  2. T authorizationData,
  3. {List<AuthScope>? requiredScope}

Returns an Authorization if authorizationData is valid.

This method is invoked by Authorizer to validate the Authorization header of a request. authorizationData is the parsed contents of the Authorization header, while parser is the object that parsed the header.

If this method returns null, an Authorizer will send a 401 Unauthorized response. If this method throws an AuthorizationParserException, a 400 Bad Request response is sent. If this method throws an AuthServerException, an appropriate status code is sent for the details of the exception.

If requiredScope is provided, a request's authorization must have at least that much scope to pass the Authorizer.


FutureOr<Authorization>? validate<T>(
    AuthorizationParser<T> parser, T authorizationData,
    {List<AuthScope>? requiredScope});