verify method Null safety

bool verify(
  1. List<AuthScope>? requiredScopes,
  2. List<AuthScope>? providedScopes

Returns true if that providedScopes fulfills requiredScopes.

For all requiredScopes, there must be a scope in requiredScopes that meets or exceeds that scope for this method to return true. If requiredScopes is null, this method return true regardless of providedScopes.


static bool verify(
    List<AuthScope>? requiredScopes, List<AuthScope>? providedScopes) {
  if (requiredScopes == null) {
    return true;

  return requiredScopes.every((requiredScope) {
    final tokenHasValidScope = providedScopes
        ?.any((tokenScope) => requiredScope.isSubsetOrEqualTo(tokenScope));

    return tokenHasValidScope ?? false;