getAuthorizationPage method Null safety

  1. @Operation()
Future<Response> getAuthorizationPage(
  1. {@Bind("scope") String? scope}

Returns an HTML login form.

A client that wishes to authenticate with this server should direct the user to this page. The user will enter their username and password that is sent as a POST request to this same controller.

The 'client_id' must be a registered, valid client of this server. The client must also provide a state to this request and verify that the redirect contains the same value in its query string.


Future<Response> getAuthorizationPage(

    /// A space-delimited list of access scopes to be requested by the form submission on the returned page.
    @Bind.query("scope") String? scope}) async {
  if (delegate == null) {
    return Response(405, {}, null);

  final renderedPage = await delegate!
      .render(this, request!.raw.uri, responseType, clientID, state, scope);

  return Response.ok(renderedPage)..contentType = ContentType.html;