Complimentary Colors Build Status

A Dart package for finding complimentary colors.


  1. Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:
  complimentary_colors: any
  1. Get the package using your IDE's GUI or via command line with
$ pub get
  1. Import the complimentary_colors.dart file in your app
import 'package:complimentary_colors/complimentary_colors.dart';


To get the complimentary color of a hex value

HexColor givenColor = new HexColor("FF0000");
HexColor complimentaryColor = CalculateComplimentaryColor.fromHex(givenColor)

To get the complimentary color of a hsl value

HslColor givenColor = new HslColor(270, 100, 100);
HslColor complimentaryColor = CalculateComplimentaryColor.fromHsl(givenColor)

To get the complimentary color of a rgb value

RgbColor givenColor = new RgbColor(270, 100, 100);
RgbColor complimentaryColor = CalculateComplimentaryColor.fromRgb(givenColor)