Carenow-CarePlixVitals Flutter SDK

Although this Cordova plugin is public, you'll need a license for the CNVitals SDK in order to use it. If you have a license you'll need to clone this repository and replace the library/framework files with the ones you received from CarePlix Team.


To install the plugin to your Flutter project use the CLI Tool:

$ flutter pub add cnvitals

Full example

  // Start measurement, the measurement will stop automatically on the end.  
  let values = await Cnvitals.getVitals(api_key,scan_token,employee_id, language, color_code, measured_height, measured_weight, posture);

  The function to be executed when the reading has successfully completed or failed
      //where the values are the various measurements obtained or the error occured 
      [JSON Object String]

  The various key params to be passed to make the sdk work
      api_key : "sample_key",
      scan_token : "sample_token",
      employee_id: 'sample_token',
      language: 'en',
      color_code: '#c82633',
      measured_height: '180',
      measured_weight: '60',
      posture: 'posture' 

For any Queries

You can also refer to the example application which is inside the package for any dounbts regarding the setup or dependencies

For any Queries

Please visit the Carenow. Contact customer support for obtaining the sdk (mailto:help@carenow.healhcare)