recordChargedEvent method Null safety

Future<void> recordChargedEvent(
  1. Map<String, dynamic> chargeDetails,
  2. List<Map<String, dynamic>> items


  • Push Charged event, which describes a purchase made.
  • @param chargeDetails A Map, with keys as strings, and values as String,
  •                  Integer, Long,  Boolean}, Float, Double,
  •                  java.util.Date, or Character
  • @param items A List which contains up to 15 Map objects,
  •                  where each Map object describes a particular item purchased


static Future<void> recordChargedEvent(Map<String, dynamic> chargeDetails,
    List<Map<String, dynamic>> items) async {
  return await _channel.invokeMethod(
      'recordChargedEvent', {'chargeDetails': chargeDetails, 'items': items});