CityPickers class

ios city pickers provide config height, initLocation and so on

Sample:flutter format

await CityPicker.showPicker(
  location: String,
  height: double




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toString() String
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Static Properties

metaCities Map<String, dynamic>
static original city data for this plugin
read / write
metaProvinces Map<String, dynamic>
static original province data for this plugin
read / write

Static Methods

showCitiesSelector({BuildContext context, ThemeData theme, bool showAlpha, String locationCode, String title: '城市选择器', Map<String, dynamic> citiesData: meta.citiesData, Map<String, dynamic> provincesData: meta.provincesData, List<HotCity> hotCities, BaseStyle sideBarStyle, BaseStyle cityItemStyle, BaseStyle topStickStyle}) Future<Result>
showCityPicker({BuildContext context, dynamic showType: ShowType.pca, double height: 400.0, String locationCode: '110000', ThemeData theme, Map<String, dynamic> citiesData, Map<String, dynamic> provincesData, bool barrierDismissible: true, double barrierOpacity: 0.5, ItemWidgetBuilder itemBuilder, double itemExtent, Widget cancelWidget, Widget confirmWidget, bool isSort: false}) Future<Result>
use @param context BuildContext for navigator @param locationCode initial select, one of province area or city id if given id is provinceId, the city and area id will be this province's first city and first area in metadata @param height Container's height [...]
showFullPageCityPicker({BuildContext context, ThemeData theme, ShowType showType: ShowType.pca, String locationCode: '110000', Map<String, dynamic> citiesData, Map<String, dynamic> provincesData}) Future<Result>
@theme Theme used it's primaryColor
utils({Map<String, dynamic> provinceData, Map<String, dynamic> citiesData}) → dynamic