What is it?

A dart application that uses properties of BehaviorSubject from RxDart to simulate electrical circuits.


  • Create a Circuit with a Power Unit and an LED - Call execute method of circuit to power the led


  • LED
  • Switch
  • Power Unit
  • Resistor
  • Circuit
  • Parallel Connection
  • Series Connection

Note: Bold marked components are priority for release version 1.0.0

Common Properties:

  • In this ecosystem almost everything is a component.
  • A component can hold reference to one or multiple components.
  • Each component has at least 2 pins/legs (signed or unsigned i.e: positive, ground, neutral).
  • Legs/Pins are not components.
  • There will be no connectors. Components will be connected to each other via reference.
  • Each component may/may not have a unique id. Individual properties of different classes: Component:
  • It's an abstract class / interface. Parent class for all components.


  • Id Unique id (optional)
  • Name/Tag String (Optional)
  • Child List of Components (optional)


  • A Circuit unit can hold one/more components.
  • It has an execute method which can issue change of the states of the components. There might be a validate method which goes through all the components and is called by execute().
  • If there are any connections that might cause the circuit to malfunction, the execute method throws an error. For example the positive and negative pins of a power unit might be connected without any other component in between. This will cause the execute() function to throw an error.
  • On calling execute, the circuit will find all Power units and give them a command to emit a positive value from the positive pin and negative value from the negative pin.
  • Each component can listen to these streams sent by the power source. The component can also emit the received stream to any listeners listening to it.
  • If both pins of a component receive the values emitted from the positive and negative pins of the same power source, it can be defined as connected. There can be a status/Rx variable named connected which will be updated every time a component receives a stream. It can be listened to and/or checked by some public method to know the current state of a component.


This project can be used as a dart library in Flutter projects

How to use

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