ChgkRating class Null safety

Dart wrapper client for the competitive What? Where? When? rating WebAPIRating

In order to start using this wrapper create an instance of this class

  ChgkRating chgkRating = ChgkRating();

After initializing chgkRating you can request player data from the server by calling

  Player? player = await chgkRating.getPlayerById(17579);


ChgkRating.init(Dio _dio)


hashCode int
The hash code for this object.
read-only, inherited
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
read-only, inherited


getPlayerBy({String? name, String? surname, String? patronymic}) Future<PlayerSearch>
Searches for players Player on server.
getPlayerById(String playerId) Future<Player?>
Requests Player object from server.
getPlayerRatingLatest(String playerId) Future<PlayerRating?>
Requests the latest player rating PlayerRating from server.
getPlayerRatingList(String playerId) Future<Iterable<PlayerRating>>
Requests historical player rating PlayerRating from server.
getPlayerTeamLastSeason(String playerId) Future<Iterable<PlayerTeam>>
Requests player teams PlayerTeam list for the last season from server.
getPlayerTeamList(String playerId) Future<Iterable<PlayerTeam>>
Requests player teams PlayerTeam list from server.
getPlayerTournamentLastSeason(String playerId) Future<PlayerTournamentResponse?>
Requests player tournaments PlayerTournament list for the last season from server.
getPlayerTournamentList(String playerId) Future<Iterable<PlayerTournamentResponse>>
Requests player tournaments PlayerTournament list from server.
getTeamBy({String? name, String? town, String? regionName, String? countryName}) Future<TeamSearch>
Searches for team Team on server.
getTeamById(String teamId) Future<Team?>
Requests Team object from server.
getTeamPlayersLastSeason(String teamId) Future<TeamPlayers?>
Requests team players TeamPlayers for the latest season from server.
getTeamPlayersList(String teamId) Future<Iterable<TeamPlayers>>
Requests team players TeamPlayers list from server.
getTeamRatingById(String teamId, int releaseId) Future<TeamRating?>
Requests team rating TeamRating from server.
getTeamRatingList(String teamId) Future<Iterable<TeamRating>>
Requests historical team ratings TeamRating list from server.
getTeamTournamentLast(String teamId) Future<TeamTournament?>
Requests the latest team tournament TeamTournament from server.
getTeamTournamentList(String teamId) Future<Iterable<TeamTournament>>
Requests historical team tournament TeamTournament from server.
getTournamentAppealQuestions(String tournamentId) Future<Iterable<TournamentAppeal>>
Requests tournament appeal questions TournamentAppeal from server.
getTournamentBy({String? name, String? typeName, String? archive}) Future<TournamentSearch>
Searches for tournament Tournament on server.
getTournamentControversialQuestions(String tournamentId) Future<Iterable<TournamentControversial>>
Requests tournament controversial questions TournamentControversial from server.
getTournamentDetails(String tournamentId) Future<TournamentDetails?>
Requests tournament details TournamentDetails from server.
getTournamentResults(String tournamentId) Future<Iterable<TournamentTeamResults>>
Requests tournament results TournamentTeamResults from server.
getTournamentResultsByTeam(String tournamentId, String teamId) Future<Iterable<TournamentResults>>
Requests tournament team result TournamentResults from server.
getTournamentTeamPlayers(String tournamentId) Future<Iterable<TournamentTeam>>
Requests tournament teams TournamentTeam from server.
getTournamentTeamPlayersByTeam(String tournamentId, String teamId) Future<Iterable<TournamentTeamPlayer>>
Requests tournament team players TournamentTeamPlayer from server.
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
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toString() String
A string representation of this object.


operator ==(Object other) bool
The equality operator.