checkout_page library Null safety


Class that houses all expected form data from the checkout ui
The CheckoutPage widget is a stateless widget resembling your typical checkout page and some typical option along with some helpful features such as built-in form validation and credit card icons that update based on the input provided. This is a UI widget only and holds no responsibility and makes no guarantee for transactions using this ui. Transaction security and integrity is the responsibility of the developer and what ever Third-party transaction api that developer is using. A great API to use is Stripe
The CheckoutPageFooter is a pre-constructed footer that only requires url links to the desired publicly accessible terms of service page and terms of service page. There is alos the ability to add a foot note that can be also be linked to a publicly accessible webpage.
Class object containing required information to display in the checkout


Status of the pay button based ont he transaction in progess. The icon and text will update based on the status provided