Calculator CLI

I made this cli just of learning/showcase purpose. Using this CLI we can do arthemeatic calculation.

If you are someone who is learning CLI and wants to looking to build a CLI you can use this as reference or you may connect to me for support.


dart pub global activate calculator_cli

Get Started

Type this command after installation, you will be given few options to select are shape and provide their input (required to calculate area).

calculator_cli area


There are currently four command which can perform four different operation.

  • Area of square, rectange, circle
  • Add two or more numbers
  • Subtract
  • Multiply two or more numbers
  • Division

Add Command

You can run this command and this will add these two numbers.

calculator_cli add 12 45

You may also provide more than two number for addition

calculator_cli add 12 45 19 89


Help instruction can be find like this by ruuning the command

calculator_cli --help 
A Simple Calculator

Usage: calculator_cli <command> [arguments]

Global options:
-h, --help            Print this usage information.
    --[no-]verbose    log all the steps or command execution
    --[no-]version    print current version of the app

Available commands:
  add    Add two or more than two number
  area   Find area of different shape
  div    Divide one number from other
  mul    Multiply two or more than two number
  sub    Subtract one number from other

Run "calculator_cli help <command>" for more information about a command.