Buy Me A Coffee

Buy me a coffee widget

Did you ever needed a widget for buy me a coffee, well here it is.

Buy me a coffee widget

Important note

Be very careful with using this widget. According to the Google Play Guidelines you are not allowed to get payments from external ressources. So a donation button could lead to a ban of your app!

This app should only be used in Web or in Stores that allow a donation.

For more information please read this

Getting Started

You have to import

import 'package:buy_me_a_coffee_widget/buy_me_a_coffee_widget.dart';

then you can use the Widget.

  width: 217.0,
  child: BuyMeACoffeeWidget(
      sponsorID: "sBGXj7Pl4",
      theme: theme,

For a more in depth example please go to the Example Folder.