vendorHashes property

List<int> vendorHashes
read / write

A milestone may have one or more active vendors that are "related" to it (that provide rewards, or that are the initiators of the Milestone). I already regret this, even as I'm typing it. I told you I'd regret this You see, sometimes a milestone may be directly correlated with a set of vendors that provide varying tiers of rewards. The player may not be able to interact with one or more of those vendors. This will return the hashes of the Vendors that the player can interact with, allowing you to show their current inventory as rewards or related items to the Milestone or its activities.

Before we even use it, it's already deprecated! How much of a bummer is that? We need more data.

Mapped to DestinyVendorDefinition in the manifest.


List<int> vendorHashes;