reportOffensivePostGameCarnageReportPlayer function

Future<ServerResponse<int>> reportOffensivePostGameCarnageReportPlayer(
  1. HttpClient http,
  2. ReportOffensivePostGameCarnageReportPlayerParams params,
  3. DestinyReportOffensePgcrRequest body

Report a player that you met in an activity that was engaging in ToS-violating activities. Both you and the offending player must have played in the activityId passed in. Please use this judiciously and only when you have strong suspicions of violation, pretty please.


Future<ServerResponse<int>> reportOffensivePostGameCarnageReportPlayer(HttpClient http, ReportOffensivePostGameCarnageReportPlayerParams params, DestinyReportOffensePgcrRequest body) {
  return http.request(new HttpClientConfig(