AnalyzerResolvers constructor Null safety

  1. [AnalysisOptions? analysisOptions,
  2. Future<String> sdkSummaryGenerator(
    1. PackageConfig? _packageConfig]

    Lazily creates and manages a single AnalysisDriverForPackageBuild,that can be shared across BuildSteps.

    If no _analysisOptions is provided, then an empty one is used.

    If no sdkSummaryGenerator is provided, a default one is used that only works for typical pub packages.

    If no _packageConfig is provided, then one is created from the current Isolate.packageConfig.

    NOTE: The _packageConfig is not used for path resolution, it is primarily used to get the language versions. Any other data (including extra data), may be passed to the analyzer on an as needed basis.


        [AnalysisOptions? analysisOptions,
        Future<String> Function()? sdkSummaryGenerator,
        : _analysisOptions = analysisOptions ??
                ..contextFeatures =
                    _featureSet(enableExperiments: enabledExperiments)),
          _sdkSummaryGenerator =
              sdkSummaryGenerator ?? _defaultSdkSummaryGenerator;