Deprecation Notice - Bugbattle becomes Gleap

This plugin has been replaced by the Gleap SDK version, gleap_sdk. No further updates are planned to this plugin, and we encourage all users to migrate to the new version.

Bugbattle SDK

The BugBattle SDK for Flutter is the easiest way to integrate BugBattle into your apps!

Report and Fix Bugs the Easy Way

Bugbattle helps developers build the best software faster. It is your affordable in-app bug reporting tool for apps, websites and industrial applications.

Checkout our website to learn more about bugbattle.

Docs & Examples

Checkout our documentation for full reference. Include the following dependency in your pubspec.yml:

  bugbattle_sdk: "^5.0.1"

Android installation

Android is ready to go. If theres a version conflict pls add the following to your android manifest:

<manifest ... xmlns:tools="">
 <uses-sdk  android:minSdkVersion="16"
 <application .... tools:overrideLibrary="com.example.bugbattle_sdk">

iOS installation

Navigate to your iOS project folder within the terminal and update the cocoapods by typing

pod install

Initialize BugBattle SDK

Import the BugBattle SDK by adding the following import inside one of your root components.

import 'package:bugbattle_sdk/bugbattle_sdk.dart';
BugBattle.initWithToken('YOUR_API_KEY', ActivationMethod.SHAKE);

Your API key can be found in the project settings within BugBattle. Possible values for the activation method are BugBattle.NONE and BugBattle.SHAKE.