BTCPay client library for Dart

pub package CircleCI

This client takes care of communications to a BTCPay server. This is heavily dependent on PointyCastle but eschews reflection so it can be used in Flutter.

This is not a complete library. Pairing and creating invoices is supported but other endpoints are not. Note that most of the heavy lifting is done. The generation of the SIN and the signing of requests.


Add it to your pubspec.yaml:

  btcpay_client: ^0.1.2

Getting Started

Have a look in the example directory for several examples.

Creating a client is done by passing a URL on which to reach your BTCPay server and either a BigInt or a AsymmetricKeyPair.

var client = Client.fromBarePrivateKey("url-to-btcpay-server", someBigInt);
await client.createInvoice(10.0, "EUR");


$ pub run test

Licence overview

All files in this repository fall under the license specified in COPYING. The project is licensed as AGPL with a lesser clause. It may be used within a proprietary project, but the core library and any changes to it must be published online. Source code for this library must always remain free for everybody to access.