A Flutter package for custom made breathing and rotating button written in Dart.

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Example To use this package:

            sdk: flutter

How to use

 class SpinScreen extends StatefulWidget {
   _SpinScreenState createState() => _SpinScreenState();
 class _SpinScreenState extends State<SpinScreen> {
   Widget build(BuildContext context) {
     // your screen
     return Material(
       color: Colors.white,
       child: Padding(
         padding: const EdgeInsets.all(40.0),
         //The widget is called here
         /*duration is in milliseconds and rest parameters are conventional, rotate is a bool which describes whether to rotate or not.
         icon can also be added, but you can skip it if you want.
         That's it ;)*/
         child: BreathingRotatingButton(background: Colors.teal, foreground: Colors.white, 
         icon: Icons.person, iconColor: Colors.white, radius: 70, duration: 1000, rotate: true,),

Created and Maintained by

Omi Wakode

Getting Started

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