preSolve method

void preSolve(
  1. Contact contact,
  2. Manifold oldManifold

This is called after a contact is updated. This allows you to inspect a contact before it goes to the solver. If you are careful, you can modify the contact manifold (e.g. disable contact). A copy of the old manifold is provided so that you can detect changes. Note: this is called only for awake bodies. Note: this is called even when the number of contact points is zero. Note: this is not called for sensors. Note: if you set the number of contact points to zero, you will not get an EndContact callback. However, you may get a BeginContact callback the next step. Note: the oldManifold parameter is pooled, so it will be the same object for every callback for each thread.


void preSolve(Contact contact, Manifold oldManifold);