bottom_popup_menu_button library Null safety


Displays a menu when pressed and calls onSelected when the menu is dismissed because an item was selected. The value passed to onSelected is the value of the selected menu item.
The State for a BottomPopupMenuButton.
A base class for entries in a material design popup menu.
An item in a material design popup menu.
An item with a checkmark in a material design popup menu.
A horizontal divider in a material design popup menu.
PopupMenuItemState<T, W extends BottomPopupMenuItem<T>>
The State for BottomPopupMenuItem subclasses.


showMenu<T>({required BuildContext context, required RelativeRect position, required List<BottomPopupMenuEntry<T>> items, T? initialValue, double? elevation, String? semanticLabel, ShapeBorder? shape, Color? color, bool useRootNavigator = false}) Future<T?>
Show a popup menu that contains the items at position.


PopupMenuCanceled = void Function()
Signature for the callback invoked when a BottomPopupMenuButton is dismissed without selecting an item.
PopupMenuItemBuilder<T> = List<BottomPopupMenuEntry<T>> Function(BuildContext context)
Signature used by BottomPopupMenuButton to lazily construct the items shown when the button is pressed.
PopupMenuItemSelected<T> = void Function(T value)
Signature for the callback invoked when a menu item is selected. The argument is the value of the BottomPopupMenuItem that caused its menu to be dismissed.