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Command-line tool to support consistent configuration management of Dart packages in mono repository

Features available in the current version:

  • Consistency check on use of Dart dependencies

Feature roadmap (in the order of priority):

versionMajor feature
0.2Consistency check on use of SDKs (Dart, Flutter, etc.)
1.0Consistency check on package specifications in pubspec.yaml files
1.1Consistent upgrade of external dependencies across repository
1.2Correction of configuration of a Dart package newly added to the mono repository


The tool is implemented in Dart, please make sure Dart runtime is installed on your system.

Type in the command line pub global activate borg

After this, you should be able to execute the tool from command-line: borg.

If the tool cannot be found, please make sure that your Dart system cache is in your PATH.

Command-line interface

The tool scans repository for Dart packages and automatically finds them.

The command-line interface provides options to include and exclude locations for recursive scans (the glob syntax is supported).

The tool is self documented, please execute it to get detailed information on the command-line options:

$ borg
Command-line tool to support consistent configuration management of Dart packages in mono repository
This version supports the following features
* Consistency check on use of Dart dependencies

Usage: borg <command> [arguments]

Global options:
-h, --help    Print this usage information.

Available commands:
  probe   Checks consistency of Dart dependendencies across multiple packages

Run "borg help <command>" for more information about a command.

Command: probe

Inconsistency detection

In case of detected inconsistencies the tool provides aggregated report on detected issues and returns with exit code 1:

$ borg probe 
Found 2 pubspec.lock files
Analyzing dependencies...

yaml: inconsistent use detected
        Version 2.2.0 is used by:
        Version 2.2.1 is used by:

FAILUE: Inconsistent use of external dependencies detected!

Output in case of consistent configuration

In case of consistent usage of dependencies the tool returns with exit code 0:

$ borg probe 
Found 1 pubspec.lock files
Analyzing dependencies...

SUCCESS: All packages use consistent set of external dependencies

Output in case of suspicious input

The tool issues a warning and exits with code 2 in case scan did not find pubspec.lock files:

$ borg probe --exclude .
Found 0 pubspec.lock files

WARNING: No configuration files selected for analysis


If the standard command-line tool does not fit your use cases, its essential logic can be accessed via Dart API. In order to use it, just refer to the package borg as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml.

Consistency check on use of Dart dependencies

This check is performed by a single function:

List<PackageUsageReport> findInconsistentDependencies(Map<String, PubspecLock> pubspecLocks).

As input, this function accepts content of pubspec.lock files with labels identifying them (e.g., paths). Checkout the Dart package pubspec_lock for details on the input data format and options to import content of pubspec.lock files.

After execution, this function produces a report on inconsistent usage of external dependencies.

If the report is empty, the usage of dependencies is consistent across all checked Dart packages.

/// Stores report data on dependency usage. Once instance stores data on usage of a single dependency across
/// multiple Dart packages.

class PackageUsageReport extends $PackageUsageReport {
  /// The constructor is used to create report
  const PackageUsageReport({@required this.dependencyName, @required this.references});

  final String dependencyName;

  /// Usage map: Dependency version => list of pubspec.lock files using it
  final Map<PackageDependency, List<String>> references;

See Dart package pubspec_lock for details on PackageDependency data structure.