Popover constructor

  1. Element element,
  2. {bool animation,
  3. String placement(
    1. Element elem
  4. String selector,
  5. String template,
  6. String trigger,
  7. String title(
    1. Element elem
  8. String content(
    1. Element elem
  9. int delay,
  10. int showDelay,
  11. int hideDelay,
  12. bool html,
  13. dynamic container,
  14. NodeValidatorBuilder htmlValidator,
  15. String defaultTemplate = _defalutTemplate,
  16. String defaultTrigger = 'click'}

Construct a Popover component and wire it to element.. See Tooltip

  • for definitions of most parameters. The differences compared to tooltip
  • are:
    • The default placement is 'right'.
    • The defaultTrigger is 'click'.
    • In addition to title, which is rendered in popover header, you can also
  • specify content, to be rendered in popover body. The html flag applies
  • to both of them.


Popover(Element element, {bool animation, String placement(Element elem),
String selector, String template, String trigger, String title(Element elem),
String content(Element elem), int delay, int showDelay,
int hideDelay, bool html, container, NodeValidatorBuilder htmlValidator,
String defaultTemplate: _defalutTemplate,
String defaultTrigger: 'click'}) :
this._content = content ?? ((Element elem) => elem.attributes['data-content']),
super(element, animation: animation, placement: placement, selector: selector,
title: title, delay: delay, showDelay: showDelay, hideDelay: hideDelay,
html: html, container: container, htmlValidator: htmlValidator,
template: template, trigger: trigger,
defaultTemplate: defaultTemplate, defaultTrigger: defaultTrigger);