A new Flutter package for interacting with boltiot cloud . To use this package in your flutter project, add boltiot: as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file and import the package by typing import 'package:boltiot/boltiot.dart';

You can use this package just like the boltiot's python package.

Getting Started :- Creating a Bolt object

Bolt myBolt ;

Intialise API_KEY and DEVICE_ID by calling the Bolt contructor

myBolt = new Bolt('API_KEY','DEVICE_ID');

Using myBolt object to interact with the Bolt wifi module

If a passing an parameter to a Bolt function, always pass a String. Every function returns a Future<http.Response>

var response = await myBolt.isOnline();
var response = await myBolt.digitalWrite('PIN','STATE');

To get the response data from http.Response object, use body getter of http.Response as shown below

http.Response response = await myBolt.isOnline();

OUTPUT:- {"value":"Device is offline","success":0}

Sending Alert SMS using Twilio

Create a Sms object;

Sms sms;

Initialising the Sms object with Sms Constructor

sms = new Sms('account_sid','auth_token','to_number','from_number');

Sending sms

sms.sendSms(message:'This is an alert message');

Sending Email using Mailgun API

Create Email object

Email email;

Initialise the Email object with Email Constructor

email = new Email('api_key','mailgun_domain_name','from_email','to_email');

Sending Email

email.sendEmail(subject:'This is subject of the Email',body:'This is body of the Email');