This package is part of a number of packages designed to help create BLoC architected code in Dart and Flutter. You can view them all in the repository here.

This README relies on the fact that you have read the main README.


  bloc_annotations: <latest_version>

Input Class

All the annotated members of your BLoC class that have annotations must be public as the generated code uses them. Members without annotations can still be used normally such as in @BLoCMapper methods. @BLoCValues initial data will will be added to the stream once all service have been initialized.

Different Controllers

Using StreamController isn't required so rxdarts subjects such as BehaviourSubject can be used as shown in the example.

Output Class

The output class can be seen in the generated .bloc.dart file. The BLoCs name will be the same as the template class with the suffix of BLoC.

Importing the Output Class

The generated .bloc.dart file uses a part of statment, so your template file must contain a part statement.