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BioKit is a Dart package for object-orientated Bioinformatics.


A model representation of a DNA sequence.
A model representation of a nucleotide sequence.
A model representation of a peptide sequence.
A model representation of a RNA sequence.
A model representation of a biological sequence.
A collection of helper functions for bioinformatics.


aaToMonoMass → const Map<String, double>
Amino acids and their monoisotopic mass.
const {"A" : 71.03711, "C" : 103.00919, "D" : 115.02694, "E" : 129.04259, "F" : 147.06841, "G" : 57.02146, "H" : 137.05891, "…
aminoAcids → const List<String>
The twenty amino acids.
const ["F", "S", "Y", "C", "W", "L", "P", "H", "Q", "I", "M", "T", "N"…
dnaCodonToAA → const Map<String, String>
DNA codons to amino acids. [...]
const {"TTT" : "F", "TTC" : "F", "TTA" : "L", "TTG" : "L", "TCT" : "S", "TCC" : "S&qu…
dnaCompNucs → const Map<String, String>
Complementary DNA nucleotides.
const {'A' : 'T', 'T' : 'A', 'G' : 'C', 'C' : 'G'}
dnaNucs → const List<String>
The four DNA nucleotides.
const ["A", "T", "G", "C"]
dnaTransitions → const List<String>
DNA transitions.
const ['CT', 'TC', 'AG', 'GA']
dnaTransversions → const List<String>
DNA transversions.
const ['GT', 'TG', 'AC', 'CA', 'AT', 'TA', 'GC', 'CG']
rnaCodonToAA → const Map<String, String>
RNA codons to amino acids. [...]
const {"UUU" : "F", "UUC" : "F", "UUA" : "L", "UUG" : "L", "UCU" : "S", "UCC" : "S&qu…
rnaCompNucs → const Map<String, String>
Complementary RNA nucelotides.
const {'A' : 'U', 'U' : 'A', 'G' : 'C', 'C' : 'G'}
rnaNucs → const List<String>
The four RNA nucleotides.
const ["A", "U", "G", "C"]
translationStopCodons → const List<String>
The three translation stop codons.
const ["UGA", "UAA", "UAG"]