A flutter plugin to increase bass in any audio.

Initialize the object of BassBoost class like this

 BassBoost bassBoost = new BassBoost( id );
 // id here is the audioSessionId for the playing audio.

Enable it by calling the function setEnabled(bool b) using the same object initialized above


Change the strength of bass by calling the function setStrength(int strength) on the object initialized above

//i = intger value ranging from 0 to 1000 including the extremes ([0,1000]) . 
//All values less than 0 and greater than 1000 will be neglected

Check whether the bass is already enabled or not by calling the function getEnabled() using the same object initialized above

bool b = await bassBoost.getEnabled();//b will get a boolean value in return.

Get current strength of the bass by calling getStrength() using the same object initialized above

int strength = await bassBoost.getStrength();//strength will get an integer value in return.