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base_encoding is a compact and standalone encoding library that provides at the moment support for encoding and decoding various bases such as Base16, Base32 (various variants), Base58 (various variants) and Base64 (various variants).

Supported Encodings:

Base64: Default, DefaultNoPadding, UrlEncoding, XmlEncoding, RegExEncoding and FileEncoding alphabets 
(and any custom alphabet you might have)

Base58: Bitcoin, Ripple and Flickr alphabets (and any custom alphabet you might have)

Base32: RFC 4648, Crockford and Extended Hex (BASE32-HEX) alphabets with Crockford character substitution 
(or any other custom alphabets you might want to use)   

Base16: An experimental hexadecimal encoder/decoder.

Usage Examples.

import 'package:base_encoding/base_encoding.dart';

main() {
    final base32 = BaseEncoding.CreateBase32Crockford();

    String rawData = "foobar";

    var output = base32.Encode(rawData.codeUnits, false);

    print('Output: ${output}'); // Output: CSQPYRK1E8


This "Software" is Licensed Under MIT License (MIT) .

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