route library

modify from lastest push: 2019.12.29 flutter v1.13.5

lastest commit: 2019.12.17 commit #45502


An iOS-style transition used for summoning fullscreen dialogs. [...]
A modal route that replaces the entire screen with an iOS transition. [...]
Provides an iOS-style page transition animation. [...]


showCupertinoDialog<T>({BuildContext context, WidgetBuilder builder, bool useRootNavigator = true}) Future<T>
Displays an iOS-style dialog above the current contents of the app, with iOS-style entrance and exit animations, modal barrier color, and modal barrier behavior (the dialog is not dismissible with a tap on the barrier). [...]
showCupertinoModalPopup<T>({BuildContext context, WidgetBuilder builder, ImageFilter filter, bool useRootNavigator = true}) Future<T>
Shows a modal iOS-style popup that slides up from the bottom of the screen. [...]