Bakaláři is Dart library that can be used for accessing Bakaweb API. Bakaláři (Bakaweb) is Czech school system. This library allows gathering information like grades, timetable, PMs, or homework.

This library is directly based on vakabus/pybakalib.

If you are at GitHub, the package can be found at


Open pubspec.yaml of your project and insert following line into dependencies section:

bakalari: ^0.3.3

Run pub get and it should install automatically.


Into main.dart, insert this line:

import 'package:bakalari/bakalari.dart';

Create some async method. Instantiate Bakalari class and don't forget to log in (.logIn()). Now, you can call methods like .getGrades() on the instance.

There are two static methods that can be called without instantiating the library: getListOfCitites which returns list of cities in which is at least one school using the Bakaláři system, and getListOfSchools, which returns list of schools using the Bakáláři system in a city.

See example/main.dart for example code.

If you run into problems, create GitHub issue and I'll get into it as soon as possible.

Other community projects

  • pybakalib is python library that powers the alternative Bakaweb website,
  • bakalari-api is unofficial documentation of Bakaweb API. Apart from documentation, this organization provides some unofficial apps that use the Bakaweb API.


Package that allows reading data from Czech school system Bakaláři. This unofficial library grants access to data that may be locked in the official app - for example all grades weights.
This library contains class definitions for bakalari library. You need this to be able to use classes used by bakalari library whitout too much hassle. Just import it and let autocomplete do it's magic.