Badges for Dart and Flutter packages

build coverage likes popularity pub points

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You can create a badge for your package by using{package}/{score_type}. Score types can be either:

  • likes
  • pub points
  • popularity

For example for the package sentry:

likes: [![likes](](

popularity: [![popularity](](

pub points: [![pub points](](

Using the API

Render an SVG badge with the Dart logo

final textSvg = svg('Title', 'Value');

The textSvg above would render the svg like in likes but instead with Title on the left hand and Value on the right (green background) side.

Fetch the scores for a package

const package = 'badge_bar';
final client = PubClient();
final score = await client.getScore(package);
print('Stats for $package:');
print('Likes: ${score.likes}');
print('Popularity: ${score.popularity}');
print('Pub Points: ${score.points}');


Creates SVG badges with the Dart logo and fetches packages scores from