util library


PushBuilderMixin<T extends StatefulWidget>
A mixin to add a pushBuilder method.


confirm({required BuildContext context, String title = 'Confirm', String message = 'Are you sure?', VoidCallback? yesCallback, VoidCallback? noCallback, String yesLabel = 'Yes', String noLabel = 'No'}) Future<void>
Confirm something.
getQuotedString(String string) String
Return a quoted version of string.
pushWidget({required BuildContext context, required WidgetBuilder builder}) Future<void>
Push the result of the given builder onto the stack.
roundDouble(double value, {int places = 2}) double
Round the given value to the given number of decimal places.
setClipboardText(String text) → void
Copy the given text to the Clipboard.
showMessage({required BuildContext context, required String message, String title = 'Error'}) Future<void>
Show a message with an OK button.