Awesome Dart Extensions

Access most used custom methods or extensions on various data types in dart for example, List, String, DateTime, BuildContext and many more.

Available & Active Extensions

I update this package frequently to add more and more extensions and I also looking for your contribution on this package, please read Contribution Guidelines


  • addMore:   Add more items in the list
  • addMoreIf:   Add more items in the list on given condition


  • capitalizeFirstWord:   Capitalize first word of your string For Example:

      var testString = "hello world".capitalizeFirstWord()
      print(testString); // Hello world


  • toHuman:   Format given date to human readable format.
  • isSameDate:   Check if two given dates are same.
  • weekdayName:   Returns weekday name of given date.
  • monthName:   Returns month name of given date.


  • screenSize:   Get screen size of your device (width / height).
  • screenPercent:   Get screen size at given percentage of your screen (width / height).
  • isLargeNotch:   Check if device has large top notch.
  • topSpace:   Give padding from top (Recommended when making cutom AppBar).
  • largeNotch:   Check if device has normal notch from top.
  • bottomSpace:   Give some space from bottom When opening a keyboard.
  • isSmallScreen:   Give some space from bottom When opening a keyboard.
  • isVSmallScreen:   Give some space from bottom When opening a keyboard.
  • textTheme:   Get TextTheme from context Theme.of(context).textTheme.
  • appTheme:   Get AppTheme from context Theme.of(context).


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