inputPriority constant Null safety

String const inputPriority

A CaptureSession preset indicating that the formats of the session's inputs are being given priority.

By calling CaptureSession.setSessionPreset, clients can easily configure a CaptureSession to produce a desired quality of service level. The session configures its inputs and outputs optimally to produce the QoS level indicated. Clients who need to ensure a particular input format is chosen can use CaptureDevice.setActiveFormat method. When a client sets the active format on a device, the associated session's setSessionPreset method automatically changes to CaptureSessionPreset.inputPriority. This change indicates that the input format selected by the client now dictates the quality of service level provided at the outputs. When a client sets the session preset to anything other than CaptureSessionPreset.inputPriority, the session resumes responsibility for configuring inputs and outputs, and is free to change its inputs' activeFormat as needed.


static const String inputPriority = 'AVCaptureSessionPresetInputPriority';