uniqueID method Null safety

Future<int> uniqueID()

A unique identifier for this photo settings instance.

Creating a CapturePhotoSettings instance automatically assigns a unique value to this property.

Use this property to track a photo capture request. After you call the capturePhotoWithSettings:delegate: method, the photo capture output calls your delegate object to provide information about the progress and results of the capture. Each delegate method includes a CaptureResolvedPhotoSettings whose uniqueID property matches the uniqueID value of the CapturePhotoSettings object you used to request capture.

It is illegal to reuse a CapturePhotoSettings instance for multiple captures. Calling the CapturePhotoOutput.capturePhotoWithSettings method throws an exception (PlatformException) if the settings object’s uniqueID value matches that of any previously used settings object. Call any of the photoSettingsWith... methods to reset the settings object.


Future<int> uniqueID() async {
  return await _channel.$uniqueID(this) as int;