CaptureConnection constructor Null safety

  1. List<CaptureInputPort> inputPorts,
  2. CaptureOutput output

Initializes a capture connection to describe a connection between the specified input ports and the specified output.

ports An list of CaptureInputPort objects associated with CaptureInput objects.

output A CaptureOutput object. You can add the connection returned by this method to an CaptureSession instance using the CaptureSession.addConnection method.

When using CaptureSession.addInput or CaptureSession.addOutput, connections are automatically formed between all compatible inputs and outputs. You do not need to manually create and add connections to the session unless you use the primitive CaptureSession.addInputWithNoConnections and CaptureSession.addOutputWithNoConnections methods.


CaptureConnection(this.inputPorts, this.output) {
    $owner: true,
    inputPorts: inputPorts,
    output: output,