Auth3 Dart SDK

The official Auth3 dart SDK library.

API Documentation

Check-out the API documentation at for further help.

Platform support

Our libraries can be run on all environments including:

  • server
  • web (e.g. Single-Page Aplications like AngularDart)
  • and flutter (including flutter for web).


Add to your pubspec.yaml:

auth3_admin_sdk: ^1.0.2

Then run:

pub get

Additional help

You can find further help, examples, tools and suggestions here. For a deeper understanding of networking, naming conventions and error handling refer to this document.

Change Language

Not your target language? Check out our official SDKs for:


At this time we don't accept external contributions, but we're open for feedbacks and requests. We're always looking for contributions on our security, refer to our dedicated page for more.


Customers of the Auth3 Identity Platform can access support through the official channels available on our website. We won't be able to accomodate Customer requests through the bug tracker for security reasons.


Read the LICENSE.