MediaActionType enum

Specifies an action that the OS's background audio system may support.

Values are used both to request what actions are enabled (see AudioSystem.setSupportedMediaActionsMethod), and to specify what types of events have been received (see MediaEvent).

These inform both device displays (i.e. iOS lockscreen/control center) and external controllers (such as watches, auto displays, etc) on what controls to show.

Note that not all actions are supported on both Android and iOS.

Not yet supported:

  • cross-platform functionality: ratings/like/dislike, repeat mode, shuffle mode.
  • Android-specific functionality: playFromMediaId, playFromSearch, skipToQueueItem, playFromUri.
  • iOS-specific functionality: bookmark, language.


custom → const MediaActionType

Only used when receiving a MediaEvent from an Android custom button.

const MediaActionType(11)
next → const MediaActionType
const MediaActionType(4)
pause → const MediaActionType
const MediaActionType(1)
play → const MediaActionType
const MediaActionType(2)
playPause → const MediaActionType
const MediaActionType(0)
previous → const MediaActionType
const MediaActionType(5)
seekBackward → const MediaActionType
const MediaActionType(7)
seekForward → const MediaActionType
const MediaActionType(6)
seekTo → const MediaActionType

Enables use seeking in the progress bar.

const MediaActionType(8)
skipBackward → const MediaActionType
const MediaActionType(10)
skipForward → const MediaActionType
const MediaActionType(9)
stop → const MediaActionType
const MediaActionType(3)
values → const List<MediaActionType>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<MediaActionType>


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