Multi-player audio

This plugin is under development, this already being used in production. Just make sure you understand what's missing

Example running on Android

Flutter Audio which will both play and record audio (upcoming feature).

(after failed tries trying to work and combine few existing plugins, due the continues issues I had I decided to create this plugin)

The aim of this plugin is really to give a solid solution for audio, feel free to open issues with new requests or pull requests. This is extremely important to have such a plugin that is very activate with updates.

And of course, performance. Even thought this package is offering lots of features. I really care about the performance, so I took a close care of it.


  • Audio player with support to multiple players simultaneously
  • Buffer updates on the player (percent of the loading whether it's local or remote file)
  • Preload the audio
  • Audio Recorder (upcoming feature)

I'll be adding soon more support, my goal is to make this plugin a complete solution.